My perfect martini

The best martini you will have.

Since this blog is titled Martinis For Breakfast I thought I would share with you my way of preparing a martini – it really is something special, even if I do say so myself. I prefer mine with gin (Tanquery Ten if I am feeling flush) but you could just as easily make this with vodka should the whim take you. This method will also separate you from the rather dull crowd who insist on killing a martini by either shaking it to a watery death or stirring it into monotony. Read the rest of this entry »

De Cecco Penne

De Cecco Penne

I decided to be brave with Isabella. We met at Mahiki and the way she danced that night suggested she was a fierce and passionate woman – always a good thing. So I tried out an old, but controversial favourite: penne with anchovies and cream. I have to say, it is not to everbody’s taste but I like savoury things with a hint of spice and I had a feeling Isabella might too. Here is the recipe: Read the rest of this entry »